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Sweet Romance Christmas Trilogy Coming Soon...

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Hello, and welcome to my new website! I am a new up-and-coming sweet romance writer, however, I am not a new writer by any means. I have been writing from the age I was able to hold a pen, and pursued my passion in university by obtaining an MA in Creative Writing. I have also been a long-time fan of romance in all forms - books, films, TV shows (Korean dramas make me swoon!) and even comics. You name it!

I have an exciting Christmas trilogy in the works comprised of three small-town romances that take place in the picturesque Briar Bay, a close-knit Canadian community where the residents are as quaint as they are kind. The first novel features Annabelle, Instagram influencer and blogger who mistakenly ends up in Briar Bay, Canada instead of Briar Bay, California for Christmas, where she soon meets the surly but stunningly handsome bookstore owner, Tom.

Tom's bookstore is floundering. Without any online presence and even less customer service, his business is failing now that the modern, flashy bookstore chain Pages has opened a location near Briar Bay. Tom needs to act fast - if he doesn't turn things around by the end of December, his business is finished. When Annabelle finds herself mistakenly stuck in Briar Bay two weeks before Christmas, she knows that her skills and audience as a blogger and Instagram influencer can help lift Tom's business out of the pit he has dug for himself. There's only one problem: Tom hates influencers and anything to do with social media. He also, Annabelle quickly learns, seems to hate the whole holiday season, though Annabelle isn't quite sure why. Annabelle quickly takes on the bookstore, as well as its grumpy owner, as her Christmas project, despite Tom's protests. But these two total opposites soon learn they have more in common than they think, including new and powerful feelings of longing...

Can Annabelle open Tom up enough in time to save both his business and his heart this holiday season? And will Tom let her?

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